Pressure — An introduction to the story

Pressure — An introduction to the story

30 January 2018

Uncertainty. Integrity. Pressure. The biggest amphibious landing in history. Meet some of the Pressure cast bringing the story to life. 

Pressure opens at the Cambridge Arts Theatre on Thursday and then tours across the UK.  Pressure, the acclaimed play by David Haig, is the remarkable real-life tale of two warring Allied meteorologists tasked with predicting the weather conditions for the D-Day landings.

David Haig plays Scottish meteorologist, Group Captain James Stagg.
Malcolm Sinclair plays General Eisenhower.
Laura Rogers plays chauffeur and personal secretary Kay Summersby.
Philip Cairns plays American weatherman Irving P Krick

Pressure opens at Cambridge Arts Theatre, where it plays from 1 to 10 February 2018. It then tours to Edinburgh, Newcastle, Guildford, Cheltenham, Bath and Richmond. 

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