First Look: Dracula

First Look: Dracula

8 October 2018

"Let me in!"  Take a look at the production gallery for Dracula. Photos by Nobby Clark.

Lucy and Mina asleep in the moonlight lit gothic window

"He is the wind. He’s calling for me."


Mina holds back Lucy as she tries to get closer to Dracula during a raging storm

"I have to get to him. Stop! Leave me alone. "


Dracula pays a night time visit to Lucy, stretching out his arms to extend his cape as he kneels over Lucy "Sleep on sweet Lucy. Sleep on. Our journey has just begun. I will return. "


Lucy grips her hand out, possessed by Dracula"Oh my love, I am so glad you have come! Kiss me!"


Dracula holds out his hand, welcoming Mina as Dr Seward, Van Helsing and Jonathan Harker look on"We shall travel the ages together. Come. Come to me .. . To die is different from what anyone supposes and happier."


Dracula fights off Dr Seward, Van Helsing and Jonathan Harker as it begins to rain

"Again, you pester me with your silly toys. Have you not learnt?"