Brave New World creative team announced

Brave New World creative team announced

24 July 2015

by Nick Rice

What will Brave New World look like on stage? Check out the creative team on board for an idea of what to expect.

Brave New World bursts into life on stage on 4 September 2015 in an adaptation by award-winning playwright Dawn King, directed by James Dacre and designed by Naomi Dawson, with original new music by the groundbreaking British band These New Puritans. The show is expected to provoke contemporary questions on the world Huxley imagined against the world we live today.

“Asking whether it is better to be free and unhappy or to live in forced happiness, incapable of accepting freedom, our version of Brave New World will explore the ways that we currently live our lives, imagining how tomorrow’s world might look as a consequence of today's choices.” 
James Dacre, Director

 “Huxley's novel is over eighty years old, but his vision of the future is shockingly familiar. In many ways, we already live in Brave New World: a glittering dystopia built on inequality, where people keep themselves distracted with empty pleasures, chemical stimulants and consumer goods. Adapting this huge work for the stage has been as tough and stimulating as anything I've ever done and a huge pleasure.”
Dawn King, Adapter

Theatre designer Naomi Dawson is designing Huxley’s dystopian nightmare, her previous work includes Spring Awakenings for Arts Ed and The White Devil for the RSC. The show is set to feature a high audio-visual element with video designer Keith Skretch announced as video designer. Keith is fascinated by the ways moving images and the world encounter each other and has been creating and studying them for over a decade. His previous work has been recognised with an Outstanding Projection Design award (StageSceneLA) and nomination (LA Weekly), for 2011's A House Not Meant To Stand at the Fountain Theatre. Essex band These New Puritans are shaping the sound of the Brave New World.

Their music is widely lauded as amongst the most original and progressive in the world, having released three unique and critically acclaimed albums. The band’s debut album, Beat Pyramid, and  the series of video-casts that preceded it, were hailed by the NME as demonstrating a “span of ideas and singularity of  vision that simply shouldn’t happen to 20-year-olds”, while the Observer Music Monthly called it “utterly engrossing and totally essential”.

“We’re really pleased to be involved with Brave New World. I don’t think we could have picked something more suitable if we’d had a million options. Re-reading it, I could imagine our sounds and the contrasts in our sounds mapping onto it well. It should be a blast, having a chance to produce some of the sounds which are only described. It’s probably the most prophetic of twentieth century dystopias, and especially powerful given the undercurrent of scientism around at the moment. Ultimately it deals with more fundamental questions, like what is happiness, and at what cost? And that’s got to be the only game in town.”

Jack Barnett , These New Puritans 

These New Puritans

Brave New World premieres at Royal and Derngate, Northampton, where it runs from 4 to 26 September 2015. It then tours to Edinburgh, Blackpool, Nottingham, Cheltenham, Wolverhampton, Darlington and Bradford where it concludes on 5 December.