Tell A Tale — Gothic Fiction

Witches Revenge By Jacob Patel

“Mwwha ha ha ha!” Dr Frankenstein shrieked as lightning struck his castle. But once again, he could not bring his foul creature to life. He had tried everything - Potions, Machinery, lightning but nothing worked. He was thinking about giving up until a blinding light appeared right in front of him.

The light slowly started to take shape of a mysterious figure of a woman. She offered her hand as a way of help. Dr Frankenstein did not like the look of this woman so he denied her. The woman was not happy with this. Rage quickly filled her body.

In anger, she clapped her hands and dark smoke appeared. The smoke twisted and turned until it took the form of The Headless Horseman. He had been cursed by the woman and was forced to do her bidding. Spooked out by his arrival, Dr Frankenstein hastily accepted the offer in fear.

Dr Frankenstein and the woman shook each other’s hands. At that moment, the creature Dr Frankenstein was working on, sat up and looked around the room. Dr Frankenstein couldn’t believe his eyes, he had finally finished his project. But when he turned towards the woman, she had a devilish smile on her face.

Then, the woman revealed herself to be The Wicked Witch of Gloomy Creak and she had secretly cursed Dr Frankenstein to do her bidding because he was the only one who could control the monster. Just like that, Dr Frankenstein had turned evil and vowed to work with The Witch for life.

When the monster realised it was being controlled by Dr Frankenstein, it lashed out. It had thought it was free. It had thought it was alive. The monster ran at the three others trying to squish them against the wall. They quickly dodged it, leaving the monster to crash through the wall. But they had no clue what they had caused.

Now the monster was free and it was ready to cause some mayhem. People were running and screaming, trying to get away from the disgusting monster. This only angered the monster more. It ran after them roaring at them. Back at the castle, The Witch threatened Dr Frankenstein, saying “If you do not get that monster back this instant, it will cost you your life.”

The monster was now destroying buildings and hurting scared people. However, not everyone was scared. Four people stood up to the monster and tried to fight it. There was a washed up soldier, a towns person protecting his family, a police officer from out of town and Dr Frankenstein’s ex-wife.

Before the monster could crush the alchemist (along with everyone else), Dr Frankenstein screamed from behind the monster “No!”

The monster turned around and realised what it had done and was sorry for it. The monster returned to Dr Frankenstein, The Headless Horseman and The Witch. Accepting its fate, it was now a slave to The Witch and had lost its soul, like every other slave of The Witch.

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