Playwriting Project — Untold Stories

Playwriting Project — Untold Stories

Playwriting Project — Untold Stories


 “To discover an untold story within that very well told story was absolutely thrilling”
David Haig, Actor and Playwright

This project is closed to students at Stagedoor Learning in Cheltenham. We're running a series of workshops with students and Cheltenham based community groups who have stories and voices that remain unheard but are deserving of greater recognition with a winder audience. In our first ever playwriting project, we‘re looking for short plays that give life to hidden stories. 

This project is in association with David Haig’s Pressure, which is touring the UK from 1 February – 17 March 2018. David Haig 's play tells the remarkable real-life tale of two warring Allied meteorologists tasked with predicting the weather conditions for the D-Day landings. 72 hours prior to the D-Day landings, Scottish meteorologist, Group Captain James Stagg, advises General Eisenhower on the weather conditions likely to prevail when 350,000 troops are to be sent across the Channel in Operation Overlord. With Stagg predicting severe storms and Irving P. Krick - Hollywood’s meteorological movie consultant - predicting beautiful weather, the future of Britain, Europe and the United States rests on one single forecast.


“That’s what’s so extraordinary about the play, that you’ve taken a subject and you need to build tension, you need to build the relationships, but we all know what happened. That is the most astonishing challenge for any writer to do”
Kate Mosse, Novelist

Write a play based on a story that needs to be heard
We want you to write a short play based on a story that you believe should be heard. It might be a story hidden within a national, international or even local event. Your story should be based primarily on true events. Maybe you'll write something that deals with an issue you want to raise awareness about.  It could focus on a particular person and the contribution they made or a strand of a story that you found interesting but that didn't receive much attention. You could even focus on the aftermath or effect that the overarching story had.

Your play should be no longer than 10 - 15 minutes in length and have no more than 5 characters. 



We'll be announcing more about the awards shortly.

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Deadline: Friday 23 March 2018


1. Entry to this project is only open to students at Stagedoor Learning.

2. Your play must be your own original work and must be unpublished at the time of entry. We accept no responsibility should entrants ignore these Terms & Conditions. Short plays should be based largely on true events. Research on the chosen story and topic is encouraged even if you think you already know it. Writers should pay special attention to avoid defamation of character and/ or offense. We strongly recommend the changing of names and the use of unusual names. Plays should be no longer than 10 - 15 minutes.

3. Submit your play by registering to theatecloud and uploading your work via the online form. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept submissions by other methods. All submissions will be published here on the project page.

4. Entrants retain all rights to their entries but by submitting a play to the project, grant and acknowledge our right to publish the story as required in promoting the project and in the fulfilment of prizes.

5. Entry opens on Saturday 27 January 2017 and closes on Friday 23 March 2018. Submissions received after this deadline will not be accepted.

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