Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde


Welcome to our learning page for Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, touring UK theatres from 9 February until 12 May 2018. All resources are available to view and download for free.

We'll be updating this page throughout the rehearsal period in January. Current resources include a series of drama workshops and writing exercises for teachers to use in the classroom. 



Themes and Context of the Play
Duality of Human Nature, Appearance and Reality, Morality.
Short introduction to Robert Louis Stevenson 
Main characters in David Edgar’s adaptation
Interview: Writer David Edgar
David Edgar on adapting the story for the stage


Drama Workshops
Duality & Transformation
Exploring the theme of duality and transforma on in Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde.
Motif of Mirrors
Exploring the motif of mirrors in Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
Narration and Storytelling
Exploring the use of narra on and storytelling in Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
Staging a Scene
Stage an extract from Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde 


Writing Exercises
Activities for drama students after they have watched the production.
English Literature exercise using extract from Act1.
English Literature exercise using extract from Act1.
Exercise 3
English Literature and Drama activity.
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