Brave New World


Available from 4 September - 5 December 2015

We've teamed up with the Touring Consortium Theatre Company to create a Brave New World workshop. We're inviting anybody who's interested in learning more about the show and how it is put together on stage. 


A fully interactive workshop held in the auditorium and on stage. This masterclass is held at each of our touring venues prior to a performance and lasts for sixty minutes. It explores the creative choices available to directors, designers and actors and focuses on the text to create a gripping and honest performance on stage. Students are taken through a scene from the play and shown how analysis of the text helps to bring the play to life. 

Post-show Q&A

Each theatre on the tour will have a post-show Q&A where you'll be able to ask those nagging questions. For times and more information about these events, please email your theatre's contact using our downloadable PDF.



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