Anita and Me


Welcome to our learning page for Anita and Me! All resources are available to view and download for free for anybody interested in learning more about this production, touring UK theatres from 13 February until 1 April 2017.

We'll be updating this page through rehearsals January 2017. Don't forget to check out all of our extra work backstage on this production.



The Black Country
Learn more about the history of the area where Anita and Me is set.
Historical Events in India
How did changes in India and Britain influence immigration?
Get a quick overview of the story with our short synopsis. 


English Exercises
Includes: focus on friendship, comparing the stage play and film, letters, monologues and exploring characters.
Drama Exercises I
Includes: still images, hotseating and unseen scenes.
Drama Exercises II
Includes: moving in character, improvisation, finding your voice and time to act.


DIRECTOR: Roxana Silbert
"We decided that the friendship between the two girls was the most important thing in the novel so we wanted to put it on stage"
DIRECTOR AND PLAYWRIGHT: What is the story about?
"It is a very, very warm and engaging story and at the heart of it there’s this friendship between an Asian girl and a white girl and how they find their way together."
WRITER: Meera Syal on writing the book
"Sorry to everyone who's got to now write an exam about a book. I mean, I just actually wanted to write a story."
WRITER: Meera Syal on what the story is about
"Anita and Me is a semi-autobiographical story of my childhood"


Designer's Model Book
"Roxana Silbert (the Director) and I agreed that the back yard should give an impression of real life and that we needed to create a feeling of a tight-knit community"
Researching and Imagining 'Tollington'
"A production design develops, in part, using a designer's imagination and is often influenced by a designer's research"
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